Tying the Knot

WOO-HOO! You’re engaged!

Now what?

Well, now you call me and we make you look beautiful, that’s what.

On your wedding day, it’s hugely important that whoever is doing your hair & make-up understands what you want and who you are. Who wants to look like someone else on their wedding day? My job is to make you look like the very best version of yourself.

I always recommend a trial beforehand so that we can get to know one another, have a good chinwag and work out what your style is all about. We’ll try a few variations and have a play around with a few ideas before we nail that perfect look. These trials are really fun so bring friends or family for a second opinion.

If there’s one day in your life when it should be all about you, it’s your wedding day. Forget the flower centre pieces or the issues with the seating plan or the fact that somebody is being a drama queen. Just sit back and relax. I’m there to keep you calm, make you laugh and, of course, make sure you’re a thousand per cent picture perfect. How you feel is as important as how you look and, after an hour or so with me, I promise you you’ll feel a million dollars.

I’d like to think I was a bit like the human-version of Berocca: I make you look like you but on a really good day.